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For many people, Thanksgiving is one of the few chances we have all year to gather with our families or friends to share a delicious meal, give thanks for our blessings and soak up the joy of each other’s company. Over the years, families and groups of friends often develop their own special Thanksgiving traditions […]

Ah, the holidays—the season of comfort, joy, and spending lots of money. Budgeting during the holidays doesn’t mean staying home and skipping on fun celebrations. Here are six budgeting tips to help you enjoy the holiday season without blowing through your entire savings.  Evaluate Your Finances Before making any holiday-related decisions, take a minute to […]

From early fall to the end of winter, a sweater is unquestionably your best friend. And like any other BFF, sweaters require love and care. While they’re extremely delicate, they can last through many wears if you treat them the right way. Here are 8 sweater care tips to help you properly take care of […]

Here at The Balancing Act, we know how busy life can get. And when the going gets hectic around “spooky season,” selecting a Halloween costume can sometimes go on the back burner. (We see you, sister. This happens to us all.) It’s never too late, to pull your Halloween costume together! Read below for some […]

What few people know about October is that (in addition to bringing “spooky season” and glorious Halloween festivities) it is also National Dessert Month! What better way to celebrate this month than with Halloween-decorated desserts? Sure, there are obvious ones like candy corn, but there are so many Halloween dessert ideas out there—they can be […]

Halloween, the holiday that officializes the fall season. Not only is it super festive, but it also calls for creative costume ideas, yummy candy, and best of all: Boozy drinks! Overall, Halloween is a fun time to gather with friends and eat yummy foods. But if there is one thing wrong with it, it’s the […]


  As Halloween approaches, the streets get flooded with spooky, intricate decorations to celebrate the scariest night of the year. Halloween doesn’t only include delicious candy, fright houses, and spidery decorations… it also asks for costumes. Overall, Halloween can be a bit of a pain, wouldn’t you agree? Yes, Halloween has its perks and can […]

Natural disasters like Hurricane Ian, earthquakes, wildfires, or even war — can occur close to home or far away. But regardless of where we are in the world—when we hear the news, it affects us. We feel for people who might be hurt and the communities that are damaged. And if you know someone who […]

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World Boss Day Gift Guide Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or the CEO of a large company, working can be very exhausting! Employees aren’t the only ones who have to work hard though, bosses do too! There is a whole day in October dedicated only to celebrating bosses! October 16th is a day to […]

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