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Anti-Aging Product Guide to Help You Get Through the Summer

Every year that passes by people notice more and more fine lines and imperfections on their skin. Whether those come from the sun or the natural aging process, aging comes naturally and there is no way to stop but, but there are ways to protect your skin and keep it looking young and healthy. Anti-aging […]

  The month of August is like a very long Sunday. When August comes around, it indicates that summer is coming to an end, which can be very sad. However, it also means that there still is a little bit of time for some fun! Planning a trip in August might be a little bit […]


Getting a good night’s rest is extremely important for your well-being. Not only it affects how you function throughout the day, but it also impacts your mood and your health. Hopefully, you can sleep well at night most of the time, but we all experience those nights in which it just is impossible to shut […]

If you’re a mother you know you work extra hard to take care of the home, the kids, your job, partner, parents, etc. You divide yourself into millions of pieces to be able to keep your household together for those you love. Often, mothers put aside their own needs and own personal time to help […]

As we start to slip into the months of hot summer, the dangers associated with the heat and sun are as relevant as ever. Kids playing in the pool, beaches, running around under the sun can cause severe damage to their skin, but the scalding heat can also cause dehydration. Although you might have never […]

Fourth of July is almost here, and we’ve teamed up with Mixicles® to help you create the perfect cocktails for any Independence Day celebration! Whether you are headed to a BBQ, going on vacation, staying in, or making your way to your local park for fireworks… we have four cocktail recipes for you to say […]

L’eggs, one of the most recognized brands in America, has been able to keep a “leg up” on the competition by providing consumers legwear with innovative solutions enhanced with multiple benefits.

Graced with effortless beauty and sophistication, the Biltmore Hotel is a National Historic Landmark located in the exclusive Coral Gables area near Miami Beach and Downtown Miami.

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