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If you’ve experienced a night of sleeplessness, you’ve probably experienced a sort of indescribable madness. Sleep deprivation is the underlying cause of many health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, the list goes on. Sleep is essential to our wellbeing and has a massive impact on the way we feel about […]

It seems like working from home now is all the rage. Maybe you talk to your friends and they tell you it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. This very well could be true… especially if they don’t have kids! Working from home while you’re a stay-at-home parent is a whole other ball game. But […]

We see everywhere on the internet and in magazines, tips and tricks for the famous “meal plan.” This topic of discussion has become so prevalent that it’s starting to seem like we need to completely restock our pantries and refrigerators, to create a healthy and delicious meal plan for ourselves and our families. Today, we […]

1.Find your style. That means pinning down what you want the space to feel like. Do you like white, clean and minimalist spaces full of clear surfaces and just a few plants here and there? Do you have old polaroid photos you’ve been wanting to cover the wall with for a retro feel? Do you […]

Ah yes… The New Year’s Resolution. Also known as “the biggest lie we tell ourselves, each and every year.” It’s an excruciating tradition that seems just impossible to follow through with. And why is that? Because we set unrealistic expectations for ourselves.  For some reason, we pick such unattainable goals! We make it so hard […]

Wherever there are festivities, it’s almost certain that you can expect alcoholic drinks to be present. And for some of us, celebratory drinking can lead to a painful hangover aftermath. As we get older, our hangovers get worse. But why does drinking automatically have to equal “splitting headache” or “upset stomach?” Here are three easy […]

Long distances, opposing schedules, or growing resentment are all common reasons couples lose their spark—otherwise known as chemistry or a particularly strong connection. But the truth is that even in the best relationships, romance will fade if you’re not working on it. As days, months, and years go on, butterflies turn into to-do lists, and […]

It’s downright disappointing (not to mention infuriating) to realize that a package you were eagerly awaiting has been swiped by someone other than you. Most companies now give order status updates on everything from purchase confirmations to final arrival at your door — and every step in between. Although businesses are trying their best to […]

For many people, Thanksgiving is one of the few chances we have all year to gather with our families or friends to share a delicious meal, give thanks for our blessings and soak up the joy of each other’s company. Over the years, families and groups of friends often develop their own special Thanksgiving traditions […]