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As summer approaches, the debate over wearing white after Memorial Day resurfaces, leaving fashion enthusiasts questioning the legitimacy of this age-old fashion rule.  

To understand the tradition, we journey back to the early 1900s when social norms and fashion etiquette were dictated by the elite class. Wearing white during the summer symbolized leisure and wealth, while the post-Labor Day period marked a return to formal and practical attire as people settled back into their urban lifestyles. 

Historically, the upper class flaunted their social status through fashion. Wearing white during the summer months set them apart from the working class, who were often unable to maintain white garments due to practical reasons. The transition away from white after Labor Day was a marker of returning to the city and reengaging in more serious and less ostentatious fashion choices. Yet, it became acceptable to wear white when Memorial Day came around.  

As society evolved, so did fashion. The rigid adherence to traditional fashion rules has waned, giving way to individual expression and creativity. Designers, influencers, and fashion-forward individuals now embrace the versatility of white, using it to make style statements throughout the year. 

Breaking the Norms 

Today, many fashion enthusiasts challenge the notion of abandoning white after Memorial Day. They view fashion rules as outdated and arbitrary, encouraging others to experiment and celebrate their personal style beyond seasonal boundaries. White has become a year-round color that adds elegance, freshness, and sophistication to any outfit, regardless of the time of year. 

Fashion is ultimately a form of self-expression. Whether one adheres to the traditional fashion rule or rebels against it, the power lies in embracing personal style with confidence. Fashion should inspire individuals to express themselves authentically and fearlessly, disregarding outdated rules that stifle creativity. 

 Did you ever abide to the “wearing white after Memorial Day” tradition? 

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