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The Balancing Act Highlights: Best Rom Coms for Valentine’s DayFancy dinners, flowers, and chocolates are all great gifts for Valentine’s Day, but the best way to spend this holiday is by curling up in a cozy blanket next to the one you love and watching a romantic movie. Of course, not everyone enjoys sappy stories, so keep it light and fun by watching a romantic comedy. If you are struggling to find the perfect rom-com for Valentine’s Day, don’t panic.

Here is a list of the best rom-coms to watch with your partner this Valentine’s Day

When Harry Met Sally

This movie is considered people’s all-time favorite! So, there was no way we could live it off the list. When Harry Met Sally is the perfect storm of great a director (Rob Reiner), writer (Nora Ephron), and cast (Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan) to create what some would say is the greatest rom-com of all time. This film explores the conundrum of whether or not men and women can truly be just friends. The classic earned five Golden Globe nominations and an Oscar nod. One of the most memorable scenes in the film takes place in a deli, the New York staple Katz’s Deli in Manhattan. Take a look below to watch the iconic scene. 

Valentine’s Day

It only makes sense that we add the film named after the holiday of romance to this list! Valentine’s Day is about a series of connected storylines about the highs and lows of love in a day. This 2010 rom-com has a star-studded cast including Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, and even Taylor Swift!

The Notebook

One of the most classic love stories is The Notebook. The story follows Allie and Noah as they are torn apart by war and class, but still find a way to be together. Adapted from the best-selling novel, this movie was highly anticipated when it was released and continues to be a favorite for couples to watch every Valentine’s Day. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams star in this rom-com classic! 


Not everyone is a fan of musicals, but we couldn’t resist including this classic rom-com. With many silly scenes, memorable songs, and a cast led by John Travolta and the late Olivia Newton-John, “Grease” is the perfect movie for any Valentine’s Day, especially if you enjoy throwbacks. 

These movies are some of the most loved rom-coms in the world. There are so many gems to choose from, but one thing is for certain whichever one you decide, you’ll definitely be feeling the love when the credits roll.

What is your favorite rom-com?

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