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Check out Wander + Ivy, a premium and organic single-serve wine brand. Their wines are perfect when you only want one great glass of wine without wasting a whole bottle! They make wonderful gifts and are safe for intimate holiday gatherings. (Everyone gets their own glass!)

Each wine is carefully sourced from an award-winning, family-owned vineyard around the world. All wines are certified organic, which means no artificial or synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides or herbicides, are used in the grape-growing process.

Sometimes single-serve wines are assumed to be low quality. (And let’s face it — many plastics, cans, bags, and boxes of wine are.) But Wander + Ivy proves that beautiful, high-quality wines can come in convenient portions. Their wines are elegant, easy-to-open 6-ounce glass bottles. They create a luxury experience for wine lovers at an affordable price.

As your children look to you for everything, you can look to Summer Infant.

Graced with effortless beauty and sophistication, the Biltmore Hotel is a National Historic Landmark located in the exclusive Coral Gables area near Miami Beach and Downtown Miami.

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