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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

Check out Wander + Ivy, a premium and organic single-serve wine brand. Their wines are perfect when you only want one great glass of wine without wasting a whole bottle! They make wonderful gifts and are safe for intimate holiday gatherings. (Everyone gets their own glass!)

Each wine is carefully sourced from an award-winning, family-owned vineyard around the world. All wines are certified organic, which means no artificial or synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides or herbicides, are used in the grape-growing process.

Sometimes single-serve wines are assumed to be low quality. (And let’s face it — many plastics, cans, bags, and boxes of wine are.) But Wander + Ivy proves that beautiful, high-quality wines can come in convenient portions. Their wines are elegant, easy-to-open 6-ounce glass bottles. They create a luxury experience for wine lovers at an affordable price.

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