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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

There hasn’t been an over-the-counter product for genital herpes symptoms in a mainstream drug store – until FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms. While it is important for women to continue their prescription anti-viral medication if their physician has prescribed one, most women still have outbreaks and the symptoms are miserable – itching, pain, and burning. They have been cobbling together their own solutions to manage these symptoms until now.

FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms is made with all-natural and organic ingredients. It’s been proven to kill 99.9% of the Herpes Simplex I and II viruses*. Studies show it reduced the severity of outbreak symptoms – itching, pain, and burning – in >90% of women.**

* Independent accredited laboratory test (non-human/non-animal) measured the antiviral activity of FemiClear using a suspension time-kill procedure against herpes simplex I & II

** As self-reported in a comprehensive IRB approved study of women diagnosed and actively experiencing a genital herpes outbreak. Individual results may vary.

FemiClear should be used as directed. Not a cure for herpes or replacement for prescription antiviral medication.

Claims based on clinical and/or in vitro laboratory (non-human/non-animal) studies, and traditional homeopathic practice (not accepted clinical medical evidence; not FDA evaluated).

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