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Beech-Nut Nutrition, Neovacs DUAL, Royal Arcanum, West Texas A&M Take Center Stage on January 18, 2016 on Lifetime®


(POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – PR LOG – January 15, 2016) The Balancing Act® covers some of today’s hottest topics, including healthier baby food, a potential cure for Lupus, protecting loved ones from a financial crisis and how to navigate the collegiate landscape, all on Monday, January 18 and January 25, 2016 at 7:30 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime®.  Tune in as The Balancing Act hosts help jump start the day with lively conversations and trusted information to empower a woman’s life.


Don’t miss these special guests on The Balancing Act:


Feeding Your Baby Real Food – with Beech-Nut® Nutrition

Infancy and toddlerhood are marked by gurgles, cooing, crawling and smiles. These early stages are also the key time for growth, establishing positive eating habits and the lifelong benefits that go along with them. Beech-Nut is encouraging parents to start babies off on the right nutritional foot by feeding them a variety of vegetables, fruit and nutritious proteins. Fruits and vegetables have an impact on overall quality of health, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a staggering 9 out of 10 children simply don’t eat enough of them. By introducing fruits and vegetables early on, babies are better able to recognize and enjoy the colors, flavors, textures and aromas found in nature. Beech-Nut makes it easy to know everything that goes into its foods by providing parents with clear labeling. They even go one step further by providing exact ingredient amounts on Using indirect heat through its unique “just gentle cooking process”™, and only ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen, Beech-Nut is the next best thing to growing and making the food yourself.


Curing Lupus – with Neovacs DUAL

Until now, no known treatment for Lupus showed significant, long-term remission strong enough to declare a patient cured.  Today, however, biotech experts at the French medical research company, Neovacs, are on the brink of a true landmark medical breakthrough.  At Neovacs, the focus is not on drug treatment.  Neovacs believes in the therapeutic philosophy of the body’s own immunity – in other words, enhancing the immunity of the patient to develop an adequate response to fight disease.  It is currently in the advanced clinical trial stage of a therapeutic injectable vaccine for Lupus whose clinical trial results have been nothing short of astounding:  complete remission of symptoms for years, no side effects, no secondary treatments needed, and best of all, a remarkably strong immune system. To learn more about this imminent Lupus cure, visit


Preventing a Family Financial Crisis – with Royal Arcanum

You have a family. Income. Savings. But are you prepared for the unexpected?  Sadly, statistics show that most American families are either under-protected or completely unprotected from a financial crisis. When tragedy or the unexpected strikes, adequate life insurance coverage could be the only thing between your family’s security and total uncertainty. Royal Arcanum is a non-profit Fraternal Society that offers competitive financial Life Insurance and Annuity protection programs. The insurance premiums fund non-profit programs including educational, SAT and scholarship programs, toy drives for children with cancer and other charity initiatives.  To learn more about how you can protect your family, visit


Simplifying the Collegiate Process – with West Texas A&M

With an information overload at every step, the average college student really has their work cut out for them. Choosing the right school, finding financial support, comparing tuition costs, navigating campus, registering for classes, and securing a job after graduation…the options can be overwhelming.  That’s where the Educational Pros at West Texas A&M University come in. With some of the most highly accredited programs and job placement rates in the country, and some of the most competitive tuition rates, these go-to experts can provide friendly, personalized tips on all of your higher education needs. Learn more at


About The Balancing Act®

Entering its 8th season, The Balancing Act continues to empower women in all aspects of their lives. The mission at The Balancing Act is simple – to help today’s modern woman balance it all by bringing them positive solutions to enrich and empower them. Entertaining, educational and trusted by women, viewers can tune in to America’s premier morning show The Balancing Act on weekday mornings Monday through Friday at 7:30 am (ET/PT) on Lifetime television. For additional information or to view a segment visit:

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