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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

The Balancing Act® fits into the modern woman’s busy lifestyle, delivering essential information and sensible solutions in an entertaining, fast-paced morning show.

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Today, we're covering nutritious recipes with Rock Garden and Chef Ralph, unique treatment options for children suffering from ADHD, and more.

Sweet & Spicy Pepper Shredded Beef: Star Fine Foods

Celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffmann uses high-quality ingredients from Star Fine Foods to construct this mouthwatering slow cooker recipe that's long on flavor and short on labor.

Backstage on Broadway, Slow Cooker Recipes and Healthcare Information -- Olga Villaverde, Julie Moran, School of Rock

Today's episode is a packed show—we're behind the scenes on Broadway, in the kitchen with Ingrid Hoffman, and getting some essential healthcare information.

Improving Self Confidence of Ostomy Patients Worldwide -- Na'Scent

For 20 years, Na’scent, clear, non-toxic liquid made from stabilized oxygen, has completely removed odor for those living with ostomies.

How to Find the Right Healthcare Solution—Aliera Healthcare People Doing Yoga

Aliera is an innovative healthcare organization offering traditional and alternative healthcare plans for individuals, families, and employers, 365 days a year.

The Balancing Act goes behind the scenes with School of Rock, Andrew Lloyd Weber's high-octane Broadway hit is rocking cities across America!

Ingrid Hoffmann Takes Slow Cooker Recipes to the Next Level

Celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffmann uses ingredients from Star Fine Foods to whip up mouthwatering slow cooker recipes to please every palate.

105044 Dole Packaged Foods

Fall is in the air, which means football, family gatherings, and good times! Chef Ralph Pagano returns with a new edition of Quick Bytes with Dole Foods.

Broadway Across America is back! Go on an epic adventure as host Amber Milt takes us inside the romantic new musical Anastasia.