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We’re excited to welcome talk show legend Montel Williams as The Balancing Act’s newest cast member this fall. Returning to his daytime TV roots, Montel joins Olga Villaverde, Julie Moran and Chef Ralph Pagano to give his perspective on topics to help people do life better. Watch “The Balancing Act” Sizzle Reel!

If you’re anything like us, the nutrition label on any food item is stressful to look at. The packaging can be quite deceiving on the front, depicting words like “natural” and “healthy”. So, instead of wondering what these labels mean, which can sometimes feel like you’re reading a foreign language, we decided to help you […]

1. Movie/ TV Show Marathon It’s 2023, and the first time in history where we have to beg our children to go play outside. It seems impossible to get the kids off their iPad. So, we think that a great compromise is a movie marathon! Some great examples are Harry Potter, the Shrek movies, and, […]

Better Living Through Bio-Chemistry

Take accountability of your health and harness the power of nature to unlock the human body, mind, and spirit's truest potential.

Better Living Through Bio-Chemistry

Up next on The Balancing Act, your ultimate March Madness menu from Swift Meats, better living with Root Wellness, and more.

March Madness Menu From Swift Meats

We're serving up easy, fun, and delicious appetizers perfect for game day! As for the meat, we’re using Swift Beef — a simply delicious beef that brings families together.

Humans are celebratory beings. We are always looking for a reason to surround ourselves with people, throw a party, and entertain our loved ones. And with the holidays so far in the distance, it would be nice to look forward to a special day. But let’s remember that there are plenty of events coming our […]

Wilson disease is a rare, inherited disorder in which the body's ability for removing excess copper is diminished. Over time, this results in copper levels building up in the liver, brain, and other organs.

For some, traveling is enjoyable. Whether you travel for work or because you like to visit new places, it entails a lot of preparation. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that it can be a stressful experience for some people. We get it. This is why we put together the most helpful tips […]

Is Chronic Kidney Disease Preventing You From Living Your Best Life?

Given as added nutrition during dialysis, Proplete® IDPN and IPN provides your body with protein, a minimal amount of dextrose and, for some patients, it may also contain lipids for additional calories.