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It seems like working from home now is all the rage. Maybe you talk to your friends and they tell you it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. This very well could be true… especially if they don’t have kids! Working from home while you’re a stay-at-home parent is a whole other ball game. But if you master the art of it – you could also find that it’s the best decision you’ve ever made! Here are some tips to master the art of working from home as a stay at home parent.

  1. Pick A Job That Makes Sense For You

As you’re making the transition from in office to working at home, it’s crucial you do a job that you at least somewhat enjoy. If you enjoy your current job and it’s something you could do remotely – in this day in age, it is totally normal and if anything expected, that you’d prefer to work at home. It’s probable that you already know people in the company that work from home. Ask if this is a possibility before searching for a new at-home job… unless you want one of course:) The job you do from home will likely have to be a “stop and start” job. So if you’re required to be in meetings all day, and you have little kids, you might find that you need something with tasks you can complete on your own time throughout the day. Or even in the evening. 

  1. Create A Work Space

You need an office. Yes – even if you work from home. You don’t have to go out and buy a desk if you don’t have one, though it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Though you do need to have a designated place in the house for you to return to every time it’s time to go back to work. And trust us – we know you’ll be coming and going from the “office” all day long! But this is a part of working from home, and it can also be the beauty of it!

  1. Get Dressed

This may seem like an extra pointless step since no one will likely see you from the neck down or even at all! But getting dressed and/or putting on your makeup, will make you feel more productive and professional during the work day, plus, you’ll feel your best. And this is everything. You will be amazed by the difference in your work when you are dressed for success. And regardless, feeling beautiful and confident is always key no matter what environment you’re in.

  1. Give It Time To Start Working

Chances are, your kids are little, and they’re going to require a lot of attention. Maybe just when you get in the groove at work – someone needs to be put down for a nap – no questions asked. Or a fight breaks out over an unshared toy. This is the essence of working from home with kids. It is constant trial and error. It is imperfection. It is a constant work in progress, and it is going to get easier. You will master the art of working from home with children and think to yourself, “this is the best decision I’ve ever made”.

If you’re looking for your new work-from-home job, and you’ve got no clue where to start, here is a work from home database!

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