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We see everywhere on the internet and in magazines, tips and tricks for the famous “meal plan.” This topic of discussion has become so prevalent that it’s starting to seem like we need to completely restock our pantries and refrigerators, to create a healthy and delicious meal plan for ourselves and our families.

Today, we want to share with you our four main tips for meal planning on a budget. Because everyone deserves to eat good, and you probably have more workable ingredients in your kitchen than you even realize!

  1. What do you already have that you may have forgotten about?

Type into Google, “What can I make with (insert ingredients you’ve got in your fridge and pantry)?” You’d be surprised what nutritious meals you can make using the chickpeas, beans, rice, corn, and seasoning that’s already in your cabinet. It’s possible that from this point, all you’ll need is a protein or a vegetable to create something spectacular! And whatever you don’t have are the things you will put on your grocery list!

  1. Look for items on sale.

So, now you’re at the store. Before you do anything else, check to see if any of the sale items at the store are what you’re looking for. This will ensure that you’re not just buying random food items because they’re on sale; but you’re buying things you need…and for less! Cross those sale items off the list first and move on to the other ingredients you need. Remember, the perimeter of the grocery store contains the healthiest items—and the closer to the perimeter you can stay while shopping, the better. That being said, nowadays, there are so many healthy frozen options that you can either eat by themselves or add in to your recipes.

  1. How to use a budget.

What is the most money you’d like to spend on groceries? Find out what that number is—and be sure to not go over it at the grocery store. One way to do this is taking out cash. Once you’ve used all the cash, that’s your grocery cap for that shopping trip!

  1. The leftover cash.

If you find you have some leftover cash, and there were items at the store that looked good to you, feel free to go and grab those! Whether it’s truffle chips, a special dessert, or a fancy seasoning you want to try with your ingredients, it’s good to have food items you’re excited to use or have to snack on. It’s important to keep the pleasure of food. Eating right is a human right! Enjoy it as best you can!


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