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We’ve all suffered (and I mean SUFFERED) from the pacing and the constant DM checking, and looking at the black phone screen hoping any second it will light up with the name of your newest love interest. And the reality is, life’s too short to wait around for a text! Precious time is being snatched away by the thought of someone who most likely isn’t even worthy of your energy! Here are three meaningful things you can do instead of waiting for a text back. So lock your phone away, kick back and relax, because reading this blog can be added to your list.

  1. Get The Heck Out of Your House!

You’re gonna want to keep your phone out of your reach, but if you feel weird about going on a walk without it – we completely understand. Silence it, and put it in a bag or a pocket. Just. Start. Walking. You don’t have to run, you don’t have to jog, you don’t even have to walk fast. Just. Walk… stroll. Get lost in nature. Look around and breeeeaaath. This is the moment where you can put things in perspective for yourself. Whether you know it or not – this moment is a blip, and this person, no matter who they are, is not worth you being desperate or broken hearted. And if they are worth your time and energy – they won’t give you a bad feeling in your stomach, or cause you to feel anxiety. Their actions are completely out of your control. So do what you can control. Walk it off. This is your life only. 

  1. Cook, Write, Paint… GET CREATIVE.

Keep your hands busy. If you’ve got sauce on the stove, chicken in the oven and your prepping greens on the side, you don’t have TIME to answer a text or let alone look at your phone! Get so caught up in creating the perfect meal that anything on the phone simply has to wait. Do something meaningful. Anything that takes you away from the world is more worth your time than checking to see what the rest of the world is doing on Instagram or TikTok. We aren’t meant to constantly know what everyone we’ve ever met is doing. It’s inhuman. We’ve been slowly conditioned to keep watch of people’s every move… make sure they’re not doing anything too fabulous without us. It’s madness! Because you can live a gorgeous life of your own! And the best way to do this is getting caught up in the creation of something. Food is a great way to express your creativity, but so is writing, painting, video editing, whatever interests you! Creating something beautiful needs your full attention. And this is the kind of thing that deserves your energy. Start on that creative idea you keep putting off or start a new one from scratch! You won’t believe how proud you will be at the finished result of whatever it is you create. 

  1. Spend Time With Loved Ones!

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve really checked in your mother or your grandma, or your best friend. Do you feel like you haven’t given your all to playing with your kids in a while? These are the precious moments that need your full attention so badly! At the end of the way – all that matters is nurturing your existing relationships with the people you love. Put time into conversations with the people that are already around you. Have the coffee date with your friend you’ve been putting off for weeks! There is a whole world waiting for you out there, and trust us, getting that text is just not as important as you may think it is today.

And we can promise you that.

Love Always,

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