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Wherever there are festivities, it’s almost certain that you can expect alcoholic drinks to be present. And for some of us, celebratory drinking can lead to a painful hangover aftermath.

As we get older, our hangovers get worse. But why does drinking automatically have to equal “splitting headache” or “upset stomach?” Here are three easy tactics to implement during your next girl’s night out or date night, to avoid the hangover experience altogether!

  1. Sugary-sweet cocktails are not your friend.

And this, especially, means dark liquor. If you’re an “Old Fashioned” girl, you’re definitely going to need to switch over to something a little lighter, to better avoid a splitting headache. The clearer the beverage, the better. We’re talking vodka over whiskey, white wine over red, and (of course)—water, water, and more water.

 Which brings us to our next point…

  1. Stay hydrated!

After each alcoholic drink, take a moment to swig a tall glass of water—and drink it aaaalllll before moving onto your next drink. Surely, you’ll be running to the bathroom double the amount; but you’ll also be increasing your chances of no hangover whatsoever! We all know that once you have your first drink, it takes a conscious effort to make sure you’re staying hydrated. This is CRUCIAL to avoiding that nasty hangover.

And if you don’t like the sound of a full glass of water, here’s a helpful alternative: Order a few rounds of shots! But—instead of alcohol, just replace it with water. Psychologically, this takes the pressure of having to guzzle water in huge glasses; and it feels less disruptive to your “party” mood. The best part is—you can do endless rounds! So, drink up!

  1. The one drink wonder. (AKA: “The Buzz”)

You may not realize it, but if you pay close attention to the way your body and mind feels after one drink, you’ll discover you need way less to sip, to get that warm feeling which we know as “the buzz.” For some reason, as humans, we tend to ruin a good thing by overdoing it—when, stopping before that second drink will save you money, along with sparing you the hangover experience.

You’ll soon see that one alcoholic beverage (about 1-2 ounces of alcohol) is the perfect amount; and will keep you above the hangover. In fact, our liver processes one ounce an hour; so, be mindful of the alcohol content in each of your drinks. The closer attention you pay to how you feel, the quicker you feel “the buzz.”

We hope you celebrate responsibly and happily!

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