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Ah yes… The New Year’s Resolution. Also known as “the biggest lie we tell ourselves, each and every year.” It’s an excruciating tradition that seems just impossible to follow through with. And why is that? Because we set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. 

For some reason, we pick such unattainable goals! We make it so hard on ourselves! But, newsflash: We are deserving of a New Year’s resolution that actually works for us. And this year, we’re going to make it happen.

Whether it’s eating better, going to the gym, journaling every day, or cutting down on screen time, we’re going to share the three major tips for conducting your personalized and successful New Year’s resolution.

  1. Pick goals that fit into your life.

This one could take some time. So, give yourself that time! Sit down, and really think about a change that fits well into your current living space, lifestyle, and work schedule. For example, if you live in a tiny apartment, maybe you don’t buy a bunch of weights and a giant, (expensive) yoga mat. You can use available equipment at the park, or pick three minimal exercises with no equipment needed and stick to them. Or, if you want to cook more but don’t have much space, don’t pick the most elaborate recipes on Pinterest. Choose two simple ingredient recipes for meals you really enjoy, and get really good at those. Think big. Start small. 

  1. Set realistic expectations for your goals.

When you implement any kind of change into your daily routine, you need to ease into it. You can’t expect this new change to come naturally to you, at first. So, when you first start going to the gym in the new year—maybe, instead of setting a goal to get to the gym every day before work, go twice a week at first. And if you hate mornings, just go after work! If you’re trying to cut down on screen time, instead of deleting Instagram altogether, just set a timer on your phone for an hour a day, if you usually scroll for three hours a day. Start little by little. Cold turkey doesn’t work, and you’ll fall back into old habits. Depriving yourself doesn’t have longevity. Realistic goals do. Make it easy for yourself to stick to. Don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not and like things you don’t like. Make this new activity something you look forward to. Make it personal to you.

  1. Give yourself permission to cheat.

We tend to punish ourselves for not being perfect, even though we know it’s impossible to be perfect. It isn’t fair. We are so mean to ourselves when the truth is we are just being human. It’s important to remember that you’re already ahead of the game by having a resolution in the first place. Give yourself permission to “fall off the wagon.” You can have days that you skip the gym, scroll on Instagram instead of journaling, or eat a few more Oreos than you planned on. The most important part of this step is not judging yourself when you do decide to cheat. Happily, allow yourself to cheat. The angrier you are at yourself, the more resentful you become of the goals you set for yourself. Take the pressure off and remember—it’s all about the process. Self-forgiveness is key. Take. Your. Time. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   Love, The Balancing Act

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