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The month of August is like a very long Sunday. When August comes around, it indicates that summer is coming to an end, which can be very sad. However, it also means that there still is a little bit of time for some fun! Planning a trip in August might be a little bit of a stretch, especially if you have kids, work, and responsibilities you can’t escape from! However, there are multiple things you can do from the comfort of your own home or in your city that will make you feel like you are still on vacation. Although this might seem impossible, you could be surprised how fun well-organized staycations can be, especially done as a family or a group of friends.  

Go Camping  

Spending time in the outdoors is a great way to disconnect from responsibilities and reconnect with those around you. If you have a backyard or live somewhere where there is a lot of nature, grab a tent or two, some munchies, water and go camping! Even spending one-night camping will make you feel like you are on a grounding vacation.  


Stay At a Local Hotel  

If you can’t travel, you can at least pretend you did! Sometimes you don’t have to drive or fly miles and miles to have a fun trip. You can simply book a hotel in your area and stay there for the weekend. This could be a nice way of getting the rest you are craving, letting the kids run wild, and relaxing before things get hectic again.  


Tour The City 

Local museums, popular sites, relaxing hikes, cool museums. How many of the touristy things did you do in your area? Some people might be surprised as to how little they know their city or town! If you’re looking for a vacation feeling, go touring in your city! We bet you will find so many different cool spots that you have never seen before.  


Have A Pool Day 

Summer screams pool days with lots of food, barbecue, fun, and friends. If you can’t have a long trip full of that, call over some friends and family and make it a very fun-filled day! There is no better way to celebrate the end of summer than alongside all your loved ones. Way to end summer with a big bang! 


Don’t be sad that summer is ending, there is always the rest of August, and summer comes every year. Especially now that you have all these ideas of staycations to organize, you will be having loads of fun and feel like your August was the best part of your break! 

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