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HydroPros specializes in innovative hydration therapies and cosmetic procedures that can help clients feel great and look rested. International Leadership of Texas features a unique curriculum designed to educate while pushing the envelope of foreign language education. Vogel Alcove is dedicated to addressing homelessness in Dallas-Ft. Worth. Their mission is to keep less fortunate children […]

Most of us are “distracted drivers” when it comes to our basic health needs like getting enough ZZZs or drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day. In fact, 75% of Americans deal with chronic dehydration. Luckily, advancements in health sciences and more accessible therapies are giving busy Americans a chance to replenish much-needed hydration. HydroPros […]

The modern world is under a continual state of evolution. New technologies and developments shrink the world day by day. They help us undertake the challenges of everyday life in new and unique ways. So why do so many educators continue to use outdated and obsolete methods and curriculums to teach the adults of tomorrow? […]

In the shadow of a global pandemic and the economic decline brought with it, the problem of homelessness has never been more pressing. There are over half a million homeless in the United States alone. Contrary to stereotypes, the issue of family homelessness often predominantly affects single mothers and their children. The Dallas–Fort Worth-based Vogel […]

The constant bustle of modern life can make it hard to slow down and really appreciate the wonderful experiences and opportunities we enjoy. The unfortunate reality is that so many human beings struggle to keep their stomachs full and roofs over their heads—things many of us take for granted. Russ Donley, an Oxford-educated doctorate candidate […]