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1.Find your style.

That means pinning down what you want the space to feel like. Do you like white, clean and minimalist spaces full of clear surfaces and just a few plants here and there? Do you have old polaroid photos you’ve been wanting to cover the wall with for a retro feel? Do you like bright colors and patterns and trinkets everywhere?

The easiest way to determine your personal style is to go on Pinterest and create an inspiration board. Title it “Personal Oasis.” You will use this inspiration board to design your new space. Pin images (even ones you think are impossible to emulate) on your Pinterest board. Pin as many as you can that remind you of what you like. Follow the board as closely as possible with objects and tools you have. Spend as little money as you can. And remember, you never know what cool, funky accessories you may have lying around the house! Take your time decorating! It should be fun! 

2.Feng shui is real!

If you haven’t heard the term Feng Shui (functuay), it is a Chinese term that refers to the importance of how we set up our space. Where you position your bed, your dresser, your nightstand or side table, your clothing rack… it all matters! Depending on where you place all of your things, the room will feel different! Your space should feel even, and “right” with you. Keep rearranging your space until you get a gut feeling that everything is where it should be.

3.Keep it neat for yourself.

This is hard! We know! But often, we use our bedrooms as more of a storage space than an “oasis.” The place that is supposed to be relaxing, becomes cluttered with piles of clothes and stuff that we barely even use. Do yourself a favor and do a big clean! It can actually be therapeutic, and even fun! Get two trash bags. Designate each one for keeping and one for giving away. You may have heard of the famous “only keep what sparks joy.” Do this with objects and clothing in your room. Go through as many items as possible, and take your giving-away pile to the nearest Goodwill—or any other consignment shops near you.

Even if you’re the type of girl who likes to have stuff everywhere, try and keep the cleanest version of that. Because remember—your room is a reflection of your mind!

Happy decorating!


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