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Morning routine videos have seemingly swept the internet in recent months, and as we enter into 2023, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for them. This is because bona fide night owls everywhere are sharing the ways in which they claim to have broken an inescapable cycle. Some have even accomplished to make a complete lifestyle change, allowing them to become a morning person.

Influenced by these people, we have scoured the internet for the most effective and easy ways to transform yourself into a morning person.

Check out what we found below!

  1. Get Out of Bed Immediately.

A good way to make sure you transform yourself into a morning person is by leaving your phone on the opposite side of the room. By doing this, you are forced to get out of bed to turn off your alarm. Get up when the alarm sounds; make sure you are far from your bed. For example, you can go straight to the couch or the kitchen stool — or even pace around your room. The most important thing you must do is expect the alarm and bypass the snooze. Another thing you can do is set your alarm earlier than your normal wake-up time —even if you start with five minutes before your normal wakeup time. The key is to slowly train your brain to get used to an earlier time. Any extra time in the morning that you have to yourself makes all the difference in the world. It may feel impossible now, but if you push through, your (very near) future self will thank you.

  1. Turn On The Lights.

Turning on all your lights will feel like madness for the first few seconds. But after a few moments, your brain responds beautifully, releasing cortisol, and energizes you instantly! You can try to open up your curtains to let the fresh and bright sunlight in as well.  If you can make it to this step, you have already made it past the hardest part. It’s pretty much smooth sailing from here! Keep at it, because repetition will ensure this becomes a daily routine, which we promise, doesn’t take as long as you’d think!

  1. Pick A Daily Morning Activity.

Journaling is a great morning activity, but you can also pick anything that is going to make you excited to get up. This could even be watching a little bit of a Netflix show, or heading straight outside for a walk. You want to stimulate your brain in whatever way you want, but, more importantly, you want to do something you enjoy and can see yourself sticking to every day. Once you establish one morning activity, you can add in one or two more!

  1. Get Sun.

Sunlight has so many health benefits. It also allows you to feel better about yourself. So, at some point, bask under the rays of the sun. Do this at ANY time during the day. Sunlight should be a constant in your life.

  1. Go To Bed Early.

If you’re a night owl, and get all your best ideas and solutions at night, this one’s going to take a lot of practice. The ultimate key to being a morning person is going to bed early, which I am sure you’ve heard before. This, however, takes a lot of discipline and endurance. Here’s the thing: You have to decide on a time to get into bed. Once you’re in your bed, pick an activity to do when you fall asleep. If you take sleeping medication, take it at this time. (Of course, make sure you’ve gotten counsel from a medical expert before taking any medication for a long period of time.) You can also read, draw, color, do anything but scroll through your phone. Normally, we would say not to watch TV, but we’re not going to lie, this works for some people. For some people, it stops the mind in its tracks and gives it something else to focus on.

Try these activities before bed and see what works for you. We promise something will stick.


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