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The Balancing Act Shares 5 Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Activities

The Fourth of July is an opportunity to gather friends and family for fun, celebration, and relaxation. However, figuring out how to spend your holiday, especially when you have kids to occupy, can certainly be challenging.  

Check out a few fun Fourth of July festivities that your family can dive into this year! 

Fourth of July Tie-Dye T-shirts 

Arts and crafts are a great way to occupy your kids and create keepsakes for your family. If you’re hosting a pool party or an outdoor get-together and you’re not afraid to get a little messy, tie-dying t-shirts is a great option. 


This activity will require a few supplies: 

  • Plain white t-shirts 
  • Red dye 
  • Blue dye 
  • Rubber bands 


There are no rules when it comes to tie-dying, but here are a few steps to follow: 

  1. Tie your T-shirt using rubber bands. 
  1. Apply the dye. 
  1. Let the t-shirt sit and dry. 
  1. Rinse and wash the shirt. 

Firework Painting 

One Fourth of July craft that’s become popular on the internet is the toilet paper roll firework painting hack. For this activity, all you’ll need is some empty toilet paper rolls, red, white, and blue paint, and some type of canvas. 

Start by cutting slits into one side of the toilet paper roll and then bending them back. You can then dip the octopus-looking roll into the paint of your choice and stamp it onto your canvas. Repeat this as many times as you’d like, and you’ll be left with a design that should resemble fireworks.  

If you’re a visual learner, here’s a short video that demonstrates the craft: 



Toddler Activity Day 23 I’ve been meaning to try this viral Fourth Of July Activity for a while! I love the way both of them turned out! See you tomorrow for more toddler activities! #fourthofjulycrafts #fourthofjulypainting #fourthofjulyactivity #toddleractivity #toddleractivities

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Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt 

If you’re looking for more of a mess-free option, a scavenger hunt is a good way to keep the kids busy and entertained. This is also a budget-friendly option as there are no required supplies. 

Simply use the items that are already around your house, preferably Fourth of Julythemed items, and create a list of those items to search for. If you’re up for it, you can even offer a prize to the winner of the game to create some excitement. 

Cookie Decorating 

If you want an activity that doubles as the desert for your party, decorating cookies is something fun you and the kids can do. Consider pre-baking and cooling your cookies beforehand so that they are ready to decorate on the big day. 

Some ingredients you’ll need: 

  • Sugar cookies/ dough 
  • Red, white, and blue icing 
  • Sprinkles 
  • Other edible decorations 

*Tip: If you have food dye simply set aside some white icing in separate bowls and mix in the dye to create red and blue icing. 

Lawn Games 

If you plan on spending your Fourth of July outside this year, then lawn games are a great way to include everyone in the fun. Whether you’ll be on the beach, in a backyard, or at a park, here are a few of my personal favorites to play: 

  • Cornhole 
  • Horseshoes 
  • Spike ball 
  • Frisbee 
  • Water pong 

Check out your local Target or Amazon to pick up any of these games. 

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