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On this episode of the Balancing Act, we've got a lot on the menu--literally and figuratively! From an education with purpose to cooking with celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffman, stay tuned.

From innovative and seamless recipes, to aging gracefully and saving for college, get helpful life tips from the Balancing Act.

Jordan Lee, founder and CEO of CollegeBacker, has developed a high technology solution that allows you and your immediate family to help save for college, as well as others who would like to chip in.

Find out how you can make your life easier with convenient tips from The Balancing Act.

“Developing mindful and engaged leaders in an interconnected world.” That’s the philosophy and education approach offered to thousands of adults pursuing an online degree.

At The Catholic University of America, students ask not only, “What do I want to be?” but “What kind of person do I want to be?”

Celebrity chef Ralph Pagano talks about dragon fruit, Broadway comes to the Balancing Act studio, and the Catholic University of America supplies helpful information.

Today, there is an illiteracy epidemic that has millions of Americans gripped in a vicious cycle of poverty.  Three out of every four people on welfare can’t read – clear evidence of the fact that reading is the #1 determining factor of success in life.  And here’s an even more powerful fact:  helping your child […]

The Balancing Act helps you kick your new year into high gear with options for returning to school as a non-traditional student, as well as healthy, natural snack ideas, and the best travel center to stop at if you’re on the road.