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On this episode of the Balancing Act, we've got a lot on the menu--literally and figuratively! From an education with purpose to cooking with celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffman, stay tuned.

Barry University Is More Than a Typical College

Whether you're going back to school or just starting your college years, it's important to pick a university that aligns with both your educational and personal needs.

So, you’re heading off to college and need to know the best ways to get around campus. West Texas A&M University will give you great tips.

From college to cooking, cover it all on the Balancing Act.

From innovative and seamless recipes, to aging gracefully and saving for college, get helpful life tips from the Balancing Act.

Jordan Lee, founder and CEO of CollegeBacker, has developed a high technology solution that allows you and your immediate family to help save for college, as well as others who would like to chip in.

You’re heading off to college and moving away from home for the first time. But now you have to get to know your new roommate. We have some tips on how to share that space peacefully.

The Balancing Act covers health and wellness, as well as cooking and helpful life tips.

At The Catholic University of America, students ask not only, “What do I want to be?” but “What kind of person do I want to be?”