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What few people know about October is that (in addition to bringing “spooky season” and glorious Halloween festivities) it is also National Dessert Month! What better way to celebrate this month than with Halloween-decorated desserts? Sure, there are obvious ones like candy corn, but there are so many Halloween dessert ideas out there—they can be hard to choose from!

Without further ado, we present our favorite dessert inspiration to celebrate the spookiest time of year in style and pure deliciousness.

  1. Dracula Cookie Sandwich

The first pick is a Dracula cookie sandwich for cookie lovers! Requiring only 5 ingredients, this dessert is a creepily perfect addition to the dessert table! Feeling inspired already? You can find the Delish recipe in the embedded link above!

  1. Spider Truffles

Spiders creep people out more than almost any other animal. If you have a little bit more time in your hands, check this recipe out! How about spooking your family or guests with these scary spider truffles? Don’t worry! These will not bite you! But they do taste as yummy as they look creepy!

  1. Poison Candy Apples

You know what they say… one apple a day keeps the doctor away! Except for when they are poisoned. Whether it is plain or served inside a pie, apples are delicious and are a true nature’s candy! How about serving a poison-dipped apple this Halloween? Beware of your apples during Halloween, yours could be deadly.

  1. Ghostly Strawberries

Speaking of making healthy fruit unhealthy, we have three words for you: Chocolate. Covered. Strawberries. This dessert is sometimes seen as romantic, but with this twist, it becomes spooky! Check out the recipe to find out how to make ghosts out of strawberries!

  1. Graveyard Cake

For our final recipe idea, we have something easy, eerie, and undeniable! It’s a graveyard cake. Have you ever heard of the expression burying my sorrows? Well, this is the perfect way to do it! After all, what is scarier than the idea of death? Get creative with this one!

Now that you have seen all our favorite Halloween-themed dessert ideas, we want to hear from you! Let us know which one was your favorite and send over some pics of your creations! Happy baking!

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