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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

When it comes to our overall health, happiness, and mental well-being, intimacy plays a key role. But sometimes, things in the bedroom are not as satisfying as we’d like. Lion’s Den’s health advisor Sunny Rogers, Ph.D., leads an honest discussion about our needs and ways to enrich that part of our lives.

Lion’s Den, which started out in Columbus, Ohio, is now in 22 states, has 46 stores, and is celebrating its 50th anniversary. They are not just a retailer but also view themselves as a means of expression, exploration, and empowerment.

More than selling commodities, they see each transaction as an opportunity to help individuals and couples attain their own level of sexual health and wellness. The staff is well trained, and customers are comfortable asking questions. Privacy is paramount, with zero judgment.

Lion’s Den is committed to providing a sex-positive orientation toward intimacy and sexual well-being. They value honesty and respect, and experience and wisdom over widgets.

Meet Vori Health, the new whole-person back, neck, hip, and knee pain company that’ll help you get that spring back into your step.

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