Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

TOPS (also known as “Take Off Pounds Sensibly”) is part of TOPS Club, Inc., the original nonprofit, noncommercial network of weight loss support groups and wellness education organizations.

TOPS offers tools and programs for healthy living and weight management, with exceptional group fellowship and recognition. Established in 1948 to champion weight loss support and success, they’ve helped millions of people live healthier lives.

Their program is intended for everyday people — Real People. Real Weight Loss.® Shannon Luckey, TOPS’ Communications and Outreach Director, says, “You only get out of TOPS what you put into it. We can’t guarantee weight loss just by attending meetings, but we can offer support through each stage of the journey, including after you reach your goal weight.”

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Merit America provides a path to skilled careers for adults without bachelor's degrees. Their programs are fast, flexible, and focused on what employers need most.

Nisolo offers high-quality, competitively priced, sustainable footwear and accessories produced in a way that protects the planet and provides safe working conditions and fair living wages for their workers.

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