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Scary Incident at NYFW Leaves Laura Linney Stunned

Credit: By Peabody Awards – John Adams, CC BY 2.0

After a scary incident this past Friday, Laura Linney spoke for the first time since watching her escort get assaulted at a New York Fashion Week event by an autograph seeker. Linney told People, “I’m just glad no one was severely hurt.” 

How the Incident Unfolded  

The incident took place outside the Pierre Hotel on the Upper East Side in New York City for the Christian Siriano 15th anniversary show. Linney was leaving the NYFW event when the event occurred.  

The Ozark star was waiting for her car when an autograph seeker approached her. He nudged Linney in the back with his pen demanding her to sign. The encounter was captured on video via TikTok from @mickmicknyc.  



Never seen anything like this before! Today at outside the Christian Siriano NYFW event. That’s a professional autographers getting out of control once he was denied! Not okay! And look how quickly everyone went back to normal right after!!

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The handler standing next to Linney stepped in between the two and denied the man an autograph. The seeker responded by punching the handler in the back of the head. Fans, NYFW team members, and pedestrians nearby gasped in horror. Linney watched the incident unfold in front of her frightened. The Ozark star was quick to see if the gentleman was alright, putting her arm around his shoulder and asking, “Are you okay”? The handler smiled and responded, “I’m fine.” He escorted Linney to her car afterward. According to multiple reports Linney and the handler are fine. 

What Fans Are Thinking about the Laura Linney Incident

Fans have been quick to state their opinions on the matter. MickMickNyc who captured the video, said “This is why celebrities need bodyguards!” She expressed she had never seen anything like this before and that autograph seekers were getting out of control.  

People took to X, the app formerly known as Twitter – and they had plenty to say. 

“OMG arrest him,” Anne said. 

Another said, “disgusting behavior,” with many other Twitter users agreeing.  


“Shameful,” A fan of Laura Linney tweeted.  


ET has reported the handler was a team member for NYFW. Thankfully, this event didn’t escalate, and no one was severely injured. This incident is another reason why celebrities need to have bodyguards.  

In the last few months, celebrities have been getting in harm’s way. Mostly while artists are performing their ‘fans’ throw objects on stage hitting them. Most recently, Harry Styles was hit in the face with an object thrown by a fan this July. Styles was alright in this case, but it is something artists have been keeping an eye on.  

Should all celebrities have bodyguards with them?  

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