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We all know divorce is a touchy subject. It’s never easy – for the parents or the children. Nobody is handed a playbook on how to handle approaching this topic with their kids, and as parents, you just do the best you can. We aren’t saying that we’re experts here at The Balancing Act, but we want you to know that we are here to help break this news a little bit easier. So… let’s figure this out today, together!


  1. Take A Deep Breath (Literally, practice your breathing).

The first important thing to keep in mind while addressing your divorce is that you are making this decision for you, and your family. Right now, everything isn’t okay but once you figure out how to do co-parenting in separate homes, everyone will feel a little better. Try to be strong for your child when sharing the news, it will help show that they can count on you. If that fails, do not be hard on yourself! It’s an emotional time and just reassure your child that you are there for them.


  1. Tell Them The Reason For The Divorce

One of the most common outcomes of addressing a divorce to children is making them believe it is their fault. This happens unintendedly and most parents don’t even realize how much this can affect a child. To avoid this, it is important to make it clear why the divorce is happening in a PG way, and make it even more clear that your children are not to blame!


  1. Let Them Know They Are Loved

Another mistake that parents sometimes make is not letting their children know how much they are loved and that won’t change because of the divorce. It is common for children to feel neglected once their parents get separated. This happens because of the home dynamic changing, stress that the parents go through, busy lives, etc. When children see a big change like this happening, they don’t really understand what is going on. For this reason, it is important to remind and reassure your children how much they are loved and find time to comfort them in the craziness of the whole separation.


  1. Share Next Steps

Anxiety is the fear of the unknown, and typically that is what children are feeling when they hear this news. Share your divorce gameplan, but let your child feel heard and included in that plan. As children grow, this becomes easier to navigate, as they will be able to make their own decisions. But when they are young, they are still living according to you.


  1. Do It Together

This may be one of the last times your child sees you and your spouse together as a united front. Make sure that when addressing this, both of you are together for the conversation. If you are both together, you both have the same information, it will make your child less freaked out, you can support each other and there will be no confusion! You get married together, and you decide to divorce together.


Hopefully we were able to give you some good tips and tricks into making a hard conversation a little less hard. We’re here for you at The Balancing Act. Want more ideas on how to keep “balance” within your family life? Click here for more stories!


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