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Here at The Balancing Act, we know how busy life can get. And when the going gets hectic around “spooky season,” selecting a Halloween costume can sometimes go on the back burner. (We see you, sister. This happens to us all.)

It’s never too late, to pull your Halloween costume together! Read below for some easy-breezy, low-cost, Halloween costume ideas that anyone can achieve at the eleventh hour.


One of the silver linings in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly the embracement of working from home. Today, many of us are working remotely; and meetings over Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams are becoming a standard form of connection with co-workers. (Not to mention the occasional meet-up with friends or family!)

If you’re someone who is looking to celebrate Halloween with a festive costume in a video conference setting, look no further! This Field of Dreams inspired idea is a brilliant spin on the “ghostly” effect that can occur when you apply a custom background and step away from your computer during a meeting.

Price Range: $5-$20


  1. Visit the settings your chosen video conference (Zoom/Google/etc). Change your background to an image of the famed outfield backdrop and cornfield from “Field of Dreams.” (Here’s a great image, to make things simple.)
  2. Add a plain-colored baseball cap and corresponding shirt, to resemble a baseball uniform.
  3. Presto! You’re instantly transformed into a ghostly baseball player who responded to the call… ”If you build it, they will come.”



This next Halloween costume idea is proof that your ensemble doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, to impress. And did we mention that this idea is super fun? This can even be considered if you’re looking for a spooky kid’s craft activity!

We present to you… A Film Strip!

Price Range: $3-$20

Materials: 1 large cardboard box or 2 pieces of foam board, scissors/X-Acto knife, glue, pencil, white paper, black construction paper or black paint/paintbrush, 3 sheets of photo paper or standard printer paper,


  1. Take the cardboard box and carefully unfold/flatten it. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut off the flaps and trim the cardboard until it takes on the shape that resembles a long strip of photobooth film. (Note that you’ll want this to be slender and rectangular!) The final width should be about two feet…and the length is up to you!
  2. Next, you’ll want to create the “black frame” portion of your filmstrip. Transform the color of the cardboard to black by either painting it by hand—or wrapping the cardboard in black construction paper.
  3. Now, you’ll add the perforated edges that are commonly found in a strip of film. Once the color of the cardboard has been transformed to black, cut about forty (40) small rectangles out of white paper. (Each rectangle should be equally shaped about 1.5-2” wide and about 1-1.5” high.) Divide the rectangles into two piles of 20. In a motion from up to down, take one of the sets of 20 and line the edge of the left side…placing a rectangle every few centimeters along the edge. Repeat this same step on the right side, until each side takes on the resemblance of a perforated edge. Once everything is in place, glue the rectangles down.
  4. Take three selfies, making a different (and silly!) face in each one. (Before you proceed, make sure you’re dressed in the same outfit that you plan to wear!) Print each of the selfies full-sized on 8.5×11” paper.
  5. Starting from the top and working your way down, spread the three selfie photos against the strip of cardboard. (Make sure they’re equally distanced.) Take your pencil and lightly trace the outside of the photo that is placed second from the top. Once you’ve traced this, remove the photo, and reposition it underneath the third image. (You should now have one image at the top, a gap with your pencil tracing in place, followed by two images underneath.) Once everything is in place and is equally spaces, glue the selfie photos down. Using either a pair of scissors or an X-Acto knife and tracing the outline of the pencil tracing, cut a viewing hole out of the cardboard.

Don’t fret over being last-minute with your costume! We know you’ve got this!

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