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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

EmCyte Corporation® is the world leader in autologous Platelet Rich Plasma and Progenitor Stem Cell Biologics. Its product portfolio meets the highest achievable performance standard at the point of care.

It has an innovation that remains on the cutting edge of excellence and improves clinical outcomes for patients around the world. More power, versatility, efficiency, and quality at the point of care.

Miami-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. George M. Varkarakis explains that the human body contains powerful healing properties that are unlike anything in the world. The body has an array of proteins and cell mediators that can identify and repair damaged tissue in the body. These tissue types are found in the blood, bone marrow, and adipose cells. EmCyte’s President/CEO Patrick Pennie talks about their patented technology, which effectively concentrates these tissue types into a powerful treatment sample that can be applied to an injury or wound.

Hearing loss is a serious health issue. Phonak provides the world’s most innovative hearing solutions for virtually every degree of hearing loss, regardless of age, lifestyle, or cosmetic preference of the user.

You may not consider your digestive system when you think about your overall well-being — but that's where good health and proper nutrition begins. For 80 years, people around the world have been making Yakult a part of their daily diet.

Acute hepatic porphyria, or AHP, refers to a family of rare, genetic diseases characterized by potentially life-threatening attacks and, for some people, chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms that negatively impact everyday life.