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Did you know that you can modify certain risk factors that can delay or slow the onset or progression of cognitive decline? Cognitive issues are often caused by a variety of underlying conditions that can be managed, treated, and often reversed. Therefore, early detection of cognitive decline drives better outcomes. By adopting a combination of key lifestyle habits and overall wellness, you have the power to optimize your cognition.

Cognivue® is the world’s first FDA cleared tool for cognitive function. It’s a screening tool that is computerized and free of common biases with paper and pencil tests. It takes 5 minutes, is self-administered by the patient, and is right there in the clinical audiology setting.

As your children look to you for everything, you can look to Summer Infant.

Graced with effortless beauty and sophistication, the Biltmore Hotel is a National Historic Landmark located in the exclusive Coral Gables area near Miami Beach and Downtown Miami.

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