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Georgia-made products, staying in tune with your body, orthodontics, plus so much more!

Do you enjoy supporting your community when you shop? Then you’re going to love Georgia Crafted, the premier online marketplace that curates and sells products that are made in Georgia.

Selecting the right college when the time comes can be an enlightening journey. Just ask the folks at Young Harris College located deep in the beautiful north Georgia mountains.

Patti Conklin has spent decades studying and mastering techniques for manipulating and controlling the way deep seeded issues manifest within the human body and more importantly, how to keep them in check.

Hardy Family Automotive, a family-owned and operated Georgia mainstay, is committed to modernizing, streamlining, and simplifying the vehicle shopping experience.

We all want to live in a more inclusive world. Everyone has different abilities and making the most out of our potential is how we get there. Bobby Dodd Institute is leading the way.

When you hear the word orthodontics you probably think of braces. But with new technologies, teeth straightening is undergoing a transformation. Meet Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists who are engineering miles of smiles.

Safe Solution to Sagging Skin

MINT™ (Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Thread) — an effective PDO thread that provides instant, natural, and lasting quality results without invasive surgery.

Taking a look at empowering moments from Behind the Mystery.

Managing Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Knee osteoarthritis can become a serious disability for many people, affecting more than 32 million adults. Learn more now.