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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

‘Tis the season for festive food, wine, and more. Let the holiday celebrations begin — right now on The Balancing Act!

Kentucky Legend is the #1 boneless ham and turkey in the nation. Each one is double-smoked over real hickory chips with a flavor that’s unbeatable. They have a variety of options, making this the perfect addition to every meal.

Vintage after vintage, Ferrari-Carano wines exhibit remarkable consistency, style, and elegance, from delicate and seamless Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays to rich and complex Cabernet Sauvignons – a great choice for your holiday table.

Ziploc® brand bags feature new technology in its slider and pinch and seal bags, providing an unmatched solution for your holiday meal prep and storage needs.

Plus, learn about nutrition and health support with Optivida Health.

Merit America provides a path to skilled careers for adults without bachelor's degrees. Their programs are fast, flexible, and focused on what employers need most.

Nisolo offers high-quality, competitively priced, sustainable footwear and accessories produced in a way that protects the planet and provides safe working conditions and fair living wages for their workers.

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