Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

Anybody can be a good cook with the right tools, gadgets, and bakeware. Chef Ralph is in the kitchen with GoodCook®.

Open almost any kitchen drawer in America, and you’ll find a GoodCook tool or gadget. As the #1 brand in kitchen tools and gadgets, cookware, and metal bakeware, they make quality cooking essentials for everyone. That means offering dependable, easy-to-use products at a fair price. Founded in 1987, they continue to discover new trends and technologies to inspire new GoodCook products. They’re committed to ensuring each one has the features, functionality, and value that cooks everywhere can count on.

They’re proud to be “America’s companion in the kitchen” and delighted that home cooks are turning to them for the kitchenware, recipes, and inspiration they need to make mealtimes more fun and more rewarding.

Safe Solution to Sagging Skin

MINT™ (Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Thread) — an effective PDO thread that provides instant, natural, and lasting quality results without invasive surgery.

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Managing Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Knee osteoarthritis can become a serious disability for many people, affecting more than 32 million adults. Learn more now.