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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

For over 40 years, Attends has been dedicated to developing meaningful product solutions for women and men to overcome incontinence and live life with the care, comfort, and confidence that they deserve. We believe that everyone deserves personal care, which includes continuing an active lifestyle with discretion and dignity, sleeping comfortably through the night, and maintaining healthy skin.

Attends recognizes that navigating difficult feelings or conversations and finding the right product for you or a loved one you are caring for can be a major challenge. To help you overcome this difficult first step and to enable you to achieve your aspirational wellness goals, Attends has partnered with industry experts to launch LivBrite Today.

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Bringing the best tips from the experts in Atlanta in business, beauty, wealth management, child healthcare, car shopping, and more. Each year, Atlanta’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative selects 15 local female entrepreneurs for a 15-month business training program. We meet women who have grown their companies, created jobs, and broke through the glass ceiling. With some […]

iMCD is the deadliest subtype of Castleman disease. Approximately one third of patients die within five years of diagnosis, and another third die within 10 years if not treated.

There are no effective treatment options for people with unresectable or metastatic chondrosarcoma despite many attempts by multiple pharmaceutical companies over the past few decades.