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In recent years, it feels like the individual impact we make on the earth is so minute compared to the massive impact giant corporations have on the environment. Though this might be true, it is important that we start to live environmentally conscious because our behaviors have an effect on others —and can cause a negative chain reaction over time. The goal is to create a better environment for everyone.

  1. Don’t Throw Away, Give Away.

When you’re in the heat of cleaning up, it is so easy to throw things in the garbage. But that extra effort of setting it aside and taking it to a thrift store or Salvation Army is not only environmentally friendly, but it also provides a person with something new. Whether it be clothes or a side table, even something as small as a coloring book, DO NOT THROW IT OUT! GIVE IT AWAY!

  1. Save The Water!

Many of us are so used to utilizing warm water in our daily lives, especially when it comes to showering. Now, when doing the dishes, that’s when warm water is needed. It helps to kill bacteria and makes the soaps and detergents work better. However, not only is taking a cold shower eco-friendly because it will help conserve warm water, but it is better for your brain and your hair. The cold water shocks the body, sending it into survival mode, sending oxygen to parts of the body that need it. It also locks the moisture in the hair and tightens the hair follicle which in turn means reduced hair loss. The switch to cold water may seem like a pretty big lifestyle change, but we promise it only has positive effects.

  1. Unplug It!

When you leave a room, turn off the lights and unplug anything in the wall. This little effort done consistently makes a difference. Make it a routine to shut off lights and unplug your fans, lamps, toaster oven, coffee maker, and other appliances in your home. You’d be surprised how many things around your house are plugged in at all times. Not only does unplugging them save energy and may reduce the energy bill, but it also gives that item a longer lifespan!

  1. Crack A Window!

Even if you don’t want to completely replace AC with opening your windows (we get it), just implementing it once in a while makes a difference. If you find it’s a breezier day, open the windows and keep the AC off. It’s all the hours of energy being spent that adds up. So any moment you can go without it helps!

  1. One Woman’s Trash…

If you’re into retro/unique fashion and furniture and in the market for a few new pieces, THRIFT THEM. You will not regret it. Look up consignment stores in your area and take a day to hop around and check out the clothes and shoes — and same for accent chairs or an antique mirror. If you spend the time looking, you will find hidden gems all over the place. Why is this important? Well, clothing production, for example, makes up 10 percent of humanity’s carbon emissions. This Dries up water sources, and pollutes our drinking water. Also, 85 percent of all textiles go to the dump each year. So, be kind to the environment and save a pretty penny while you’re at it.

Whether you know it or not, the way we live matters. It all adds up in the end, and we are at the point where Mother Earth is expecting us to do our part! So, let’s treat her with the respect a mother deserves!

Love Always,

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