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Choosing the Right Wellness Center

With substance abuse at an all-time high, and overdoses soaring all over the country, it’s time for a new recovery solution. Brian McAlister, sober date August 2, 1990, founder of The Full Recovery Wellness Center, a licensed treatment facility, realized that fear of being outed, inadequate insurance, and high costs kept many from seeking help. […]

Tips From The Experts: Critical Support Programs & Resources For Struggling Expectant Mothers

Finding out you’re pregnant can be a blessing, but it can also be a really scary realization. Will you be a good parent? How will you make ends meet? There are so many questions surrounding pregnancy, but there are also answers. Room To Grow helps provide the necessary items and advice that new mothers and […]

All About Family Law: Divorce Advice From The Experts

Divorce and family law can be confusing, stressful, and overwhelming. Expert attorneys in the field are so important to the success of your case. Do you know where to start? Have you ever heard of a collaborative divorce? These are all questions that Elliott Pell and his firm can answer. If you’re interested in learning […]

Emerging Local Trends: An Education In Charter Schools And Innovative Education Solutions

Public, private, charter? A lot of parents don’t know all the options when it comes to education for their children. A charter school is really the best of both worlds – there is no tuition required like a public school but the curriculum is more flexible like a private school. Founded in 2001, Family Life […]

Handling Life in Style

On this episode of The Balancing Act, overcoming obstacles, K-12 education, fashion and beauty, plus lots more! Room To Grow is a community organization that helps expecting mothers and families overcome obstacles created by poverty. Freedom 365 is a confidential year-long program for addiction recovery that’s easily accessible on any phone, computer, or tablet. Elliott […]

Be the Change: The Importance of Making Cancer Prevention Programs Available

According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 39.5% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetimes. Medical professionals are always saying that the sooner the disease is diagnosed, the higher the chance of survival is. But unfortunately, a lot of people choose to not partake in preventative screenings, […]

Be The Change: The Benefits Of Adding Musical Elements To Students' Education

Research shows that music education is an essential component of a well-rounded education—it catalyzes students’ academic achievement, increases their motivation for school, boosts their self-confidence, and supports their social and emotional well-being. But access to music education is not equal. Founded in 1991, Education Through Music partners with under-resourced schools in all five boroughs of […]

Merchant's Wares

If you’re moving or looking to do some cleaning and get rid of unused items in your home, don’t just throw them away. An estate sale or auction can be the best and easiest way to sell items that you no longer need. Merchant’s Wares can help you determine what items you can sell and […]

Best of New York: Trends in Leather and Suede Fashion and Style Leather and Suede Collection

Everyone wants to look good, and be comfortable doing it. A lightweight leather jacket is the perfect statement piece to complete any look. For over a decade, Jakett is elevating outfits everywhere. From a job interview, to a night on the town, a one-of-a-kind Jakett can completely change the way you look and feel.

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