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Innovative Cosmetic Solutions

When it comes to the beauty tools you use every day you might not know that all makeup brushes aren’t the same. Here are some tips from our friends at ANISA Beauty. They revolutionized the makeup brush industry so that different types of applicators can be used to provide the best in personal care, artistry, and […]

Child Wellness and Prevention Resources

At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, their mission is to make kids better today and healthier tomorrow. Strong4Life is one of the many ways they deliver on that promise. Armed with a team of children’s doctors, therapists, nurses, registered dietitians, and other wellness experts, Strong4Life has resources to help busy families raise healthy, safe, resilient kids. […]

Taking Control of Your Finances in All Stages of Life

Financial planning can be confusing—where to turn, who to call, what to do—but with some careful thought and the right team, you can navigate your financial future with success. From estate planning to taxes and everything in between, Advocacy Wealth Management has the knowledge to get you started. And the best part is that you’re […]

Women Empowering Women

Welcome to Atlanta’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, also known as WEI, the only municipally funded program of its kind. Each year they select 15 local female entrepreneurs for a 15-month training program in a variety of business areas. Hear from several of the women who, thanks to WEI, have grown their companies, created jobs, and broke […]

Discussing innovative therapeutic services, safe and easy banking tips, buying vehicles, cellular cleansing for wellbeing, and more! Helping Hands Pediatric Therapy exists to help ease the burden on struggling caretakers, restore hope to families, and improve the lives of ailing children. Georgia United Credit Union has been providing financial expertise and services to Georgians for […]

Far from the stresses of adult life, childhood is expected to be the most enjoyable and carefree time in a person’s life. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always measure up to expectations. There are children everywhere dealing with often debilitating and life-altering disabilities like cerebral palsy, cancer, down syndrome, speech impediments, and autism. Luckily, places like Helping […]

Managing personal finances is an important part of people’s daily lives. Finding partners to help them achieve their goals is an important decision. But many people don’t have a full understanding of all their options, as well as the knowledge that all financial providers are not created equal. Some just join the bank their parents […]

Shopping for a new car, truck or van can be a daunting, frustrating, and lengthy process. Luckily, Hardy Family Automotive, a family-owned and operated Georgia mainstay, is committed to modernizing, streamlining, and simplifying the vehicle shopping experience.

From the moment of birth up until we’re full-grown adults and beyond, human beings never stop experiencing life in new ways, dealing with new challenges, and overcoming new problems. The busy lives we lead can sometimes get in the way of truly understanding what lasting marks those new experiences, challenges, and problems are truly leaving […]