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The Girls' Guide to Changing Your Tire - The Balancing Act

As women, we are strong and independent. So of course we should all know how to change a tire, right?

Sears Auto Center

The Balancing Act and Sears Auto Center show you how to go green and reduce your vehicle's carbon tire print.

Keep your vehicle running cool in the dog days of summer. Check the coolant every time you change your oil.

Winter is coming to an end, so let’s spring forward and get your car ready for the months ahead!

When it comes to your car’s health, you may want to pay attention to what the nose knows.

Get an unbiased third-party vehicle assessment of your vehicle's true condition with a DieHard 360 degree vehicle assessment from Sears Auto Center.

The Sears Auto Digital Tire Journey takes the guesswork out of buying your next set of tires.

Prepare your car for the winter season with a free performance snapshot from Sears Auto Center.