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Billie Eilish Talks About Her Mental Health Struggles at the Golden Globes Awards 

Credit: Wiki Commons/ By Icebox, CC BY 3.0

In a heartfelt revelation at the Golden Globes, the incredibly talented Billie Eilish opened up about her mental health struggles and the redemptive power of music in her life. Accepting the award for Best Original Song for “What Was I Made For,” the end-credits track from the “Barbie” movie, Eilish bared her soul on stage. 

“It was exactly a year ago, almost, that we were shown the movie, and I was very, very miserable and depressed at the time,” she shared on stage. 

“Writing that song kind of saved me a little bit,” she confessed, “a year later and here we are, and it’s really surreal. I feel incredibly, incredibly lucky and grateful.” 

Eilish co-crafted “What Was I Made For” with her brother, Finneas, who stood by her side as they accepted the award. The singer didn’t forget to acknowledge her brother’s pivotal role in her life journey, expressing, “you’re the reason I am who I am.” 

According to CNN, this achievement marks Eilish and Finneas’s second Golden Globes nomination and second win each, following their triumph in the same category in 2022 for the James Bond movie theme, “No Time to Die.” 

However, the personal significance of “What Was I Made For” took Eilish by surprise, diverging from her initial intent to craft a song detached from her life experiences. The song competed alongside other notable tracks, but its victory underscored its profound impact on Eilish’s life. 

Billie Eilish Makes Sure to Raise Awareness on Mental Health Issues

Eilish’s dedication to the award to those grappling with mental health issues and grappling with feelings of existential despair is proof of her unwavering dedication to mental health and her fans. Recently, at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, she emphasized her devotion to individuals battling hopelessness, existential dread, and questioning life’s purpose. 

“I think we all feel like that occasionally, but I think if somebody like me, with the amount of privilege that I have, can feel this way…I’ve spent a lot of time feeling that way,” she said as reported by Yahoo UK. 

Recalling the tumultuous period when she and Finneas were tasked with composing the track, Eilish illuminated the dark episode in her life, a phase where life seemed inexplicable and unfathomable. 

Her recent conversations about mental health issues allow for dismantling its stigma and fostering conversations that go beyond the allure of the music industry. Eilish’s honesty about her battles not only adds depth to her artistry but also cements her as a relatable figure for many navigating similar challenges. 

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