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August is the month in which parents go crazy having to buy their children all their back-to-school supplies. Backpacks, lunch boxes, journals, pens, and pencils, all of it! This time of the year can be hectic and confusing for parents, so we are here to guide you on what you need to buy and where you can buy it for the best prices.


It is important to acknowledge that different schools have different requirements of materials. Some might require a computer, and some might require pen and paper. Always be sure to keep an eye out for school letters or emails that contain this information so your child can be well-prepared for learning. Today we will go over the basics.


  1. Lunchboxes

Having a cool lunch box isn’t just about having a lunch box anymore. In a kid’s world, this is about status. With endless designs, sizes, and colors to pick from, lunch boxes are cool to purchase — but there are many price variations. In some places, they sell for $10, but in others, they can reach up to $70. So how do you pick a cool and good lunch box? is packed with amazing choices and has great variations of prices and designs. Here, you can shop the best sellers’ kids’ lunch boxes starting at $9.00.


  1. Journals

Although nowadays most learning is done online, some people like to keep it old-school and use pen and paper to take notes and do the math. Some schools even require children to have pen and paper with them. If your child likes to write things down, consider buying their notebooks at Staples offers many notebook options, including this 6 pack for $9.99.


  1. Backpacks

Backpacks are a very fun part of going back to school. It’s when you get to showcase your newest bag and compare styles. When shopping for backpacks there are many things to evaluate, like quality, price, and style. is a great place to begin your search as they offer multiple different styles, qualities and have a wide range of prices. If you are looking for in-store purchases, Walmart and Target offer a large variety of backpacks for your kids to choose from and have amazing sales at this time of the year! Don’t miss out!


  1. Laptop Cases & Sleeves

As schools in the modern day are increasingly using laptops in the classroom, your kid might likely need to bring their laptop into school daily. This, however, means that the laptop is highly exposed to danger daily. Laptops are expensive, so you might want to spend some extra bucks to protect them! Laptop cases are a great way to protect them and allow your child to carry them safely. Although these are available in many places, some of them are extremely overpriced. For good quality sleeves, cases, and decent prices, check out here.



  1. Hand Sanitizer

After the pandemic, sanitizing your space and yourself has become more important than ever. It is already tough staying protected, but in a classroom full of kids it can be even harder! That is why kids need to walk around with hand sanitizer with them. Knowing kids, they won’t care about using their sanitizer if it looks boring, right? So, to jazz it up, make it interesting, and entice them to wear it, check out these 10 piece cartoon hand sanitizer holders! These are super cute, will keep your children’s hands clean and they will be able to rock this style!



Back-to-school shopping can be stressful, especially when you don’t know what to buy or where to buy it. As times change, so do classroom requirements and most parents don’t know what is expected from the children anymore. Be sure to check the school’s letters or emails before going shopping so you can get everything on the list. If you are looking for a store that has everything, check out Five Below. Learn more about them here.



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