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Attending the 2024 Paris Olympics? Here’s What to Wear and BringIf you’re someone who is lucky enough to find themselves in Paris, France for the upcoming summer Olympics, you may be wondering how to prepare.  

Navigating what to wear and bring as an Olympic spectator isn’t exactly easy, but let’s consider a few suggestions and some essential information to help you out. 

Official Policies 

Consulting the official Olympics website is a good place to start your preparation. There you’ll find information on prohibited and authorized items, tickets, payments, traveling, and recommended/expected behavior.   

There’s also an official Olympics App that you can download on your phone or computer to keep all of the necessary information easily accessible to you throughout your experience at the games.  

Items to Bring 


You’ll likely want to bring a bag to store all your belongings for the day. The Olympics’ official policy allows bags up to 25 Liters in size. For reference, this is about the size of a medium-sized backpack, which is large enough to fit just about everything you’ll need. 

Some items that you may want to store in your bag include:  

  • Sunscreen 
  • Handheld fan 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Water Bottle (Maximum 75cl) 
  • Folding umbrella 
  • Portable phone charger 
  • Bug/Mosquito repellent  
  • Small digital camera 
  • Cash 

These are obviously only suggestions, and you should consider the items that you believe will be most useful to you. Less is often more in my experience with traveling and sporting events so try to limit yourself to the necessities.  

If you plan on paying with a credit card, make sure it’s a Visa Card. As a sponsor for the 2024 games, Visa will be the only acceptable form of credit card payment at the Olympic venues so be sure to carry cash with you if you don’t have a Visa. 

What to Wear 

As with most other sporting events, the key to dressing for the summer Olympics this year is comfort. You’ll want to be wearing something that won’t take away from your experience at the event.   


In terms of style of clothing, despite the prestigious nature of the games itself, spectator clothing tends to be on the casual side. Lightweight tops, and breathable pants are reliable options.  

Check out this Pinterest board for some Paris outfit inspiration!  

If you want to dress a bit sportier and/or show some pride for your country, you can wear the colors of your team. There are also official Paris 2024 products for sale online or at the venues for those of you who want to wear the Olympic colors or acquire a souvenir from your trip.   


You will likely find yourself doing a good deal of walking, so flat shoes are a necessity to maximize comfort. Sneakers or tennis shoes, or comfortable sandals are good options.  


Other than a secure bag, some must-wear accessories include a hat, and sunglasses. You may also want to pack a lightweight jacket to keep with you for indoor events or when the sun sets.  

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