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1. Movie/ TV Show Marathon

It’s 2023, and the first time in history where we have to beg our children to go play outside. It seems impossible to get the kids off their iPad. So, we think that a great compromise is a movie marathon! Some great examples are Harry Potter, the Shrek movies, and, truly, ANYTHING Pixar!

These are great for the whole family to watch all together, no matter the age. Yes, there are still screens involved. However, let’s not forget that even you spent time in front of the screen as a kid — just in a different way! You can also use this as an opportunity to show your kids what you watched when you were their age! On streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, there are endless amounts of canceled or finished television shows from every decade. Introduce them to your favorite series while you’re at it. Who knows, it could become theirs!

2. Arts and Crafts

This one’s a classic and it always does the trick! What kid doesn’t love to make a mess? Grab a big canvas and a few paints, a paint brush, and watch the inner artist pop out! Be sure to cover the floor with plastic and dress your child in clothes they can get messy in. Not only will this keep them busy for hours, but it also gives them an opportunity to express themselves! Who knows, you might uncover your child’s passion for art! If they’re really into it, ask them if there is anything specific they like to make. Then, head over to Michael’s or nearest arts and crafts store to pick out a few materials for them to experiment with! This could become a fun journey with a lasting impact for the entire family.

3. House Projects

Whether it’s washing the car, cooking, cleaning or redecorating, kids love to feel useful and that they have purpose. Making them feel like they helped out with something gives them a sense of fulfillment and pride. So, if you can communicate to the kids that you really need their help to get the car washed, the dishes cleaned, or that you want them to decide where to hang some photos, you’re golden. Also, cooking will most definitely keep the family entertained as they work towards a common goal, which is a great experience to give them. However, this might get messy, but they will appreciate the freedom you’re giving them in this environment. We say, the more extravagant the project, and the more “help” you need, the more appealing to the child.

4. Mini-Golf

If you’re looking for a more physical weekend activity, or even just looking to get the kids out of the house for a few hours, mini-golf is a great option. The bigger the group, the longer each hole takes. Keep that in mind if you’re bringing six or seven people to the course. Luckily, it’ll fill your Saturday afternoon, so you won’t have to worry about entertaining the family for hours on end.

5. Pool/Beach

Pools and beaches are great environments for the family, and you can make a whole day out of it! If you have access to a pool or a beach, pack up lunches and refreshments for everyone. If you’re headed to the beach, make sure to grab the umbrellas, chairs, and sunscreen. Fill up a cooler with water, juices, and even some canned cocktails for the adults!

When you manage to get the whole family together for some fun, just know that you are creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Enjoy your weekend!   


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