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For some, traveling is enjoyable. Whether you travel for work or because you like to visit new places, it entails a lot of preparation. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that it can be a stressful experience for some people. We get it. This is why we put together the most helpful tips for anxious flyers!

  1. Travel Light.

Is there a better feeling than walking off the plane right passed baggage claim and straight out the door of the airport? No! The same goes for dropping the bag off when you get there. Here’s a tip: If you can avoid it, don’t check a bag! Depending on the trip, you can plan out your outfits and lessen the amount of clothes you bring. This can shave at least an hour off your travel time. Remember, less luggage to keep track of means less stress. If you can pull it off, you can even save on the checked bag fee! 

  1. Grab a Comfortable Seat.

If you’re in the anxious flyers club, consider prioritizing your comfort on the airplane and dropping a little extra on a more comfortable seating arrangement. Having more leg room or sitting closer to a bathroom will give you the sense of more freedom during the flight. So, if you find you’re someone who feels trapped on flights, this might make a huge difference for you!

  1. Bring Entertainment.

This is the best way to get through a flight. After all, you don’t want to let your mind wander while flying. You can download a streaming service or a movie onto your phone if the plane doesn’t have movie screens. It could also be a book! Make sure to pick entertainment that will fully immerse you for a while. We can guarantee it’ll feel like you’re on the ground in a blink of an eye.  

  1. Natural Stress Remedies.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of natural stress relievers that might work perfectly for you on your flight! For instance, Ashwagandha and Hum Nutrition —  these are natural supplements that can physically and mentally relax you without knocking you out or making you feel groggy. Putting a calming essential oil on a scarf or something you hold close during the flight can also work. Things that smell familiar to you do a great job of calming the body and the mind. If the body and mind are calm, you can speak positively to yourself about the situation you’re in. We can soothe ourselves in stressful times if we have the right tools.  

  1. Take An Early or Late Flight.

One of THE best ways to overcome flight anxiety is to sleep through the flight! This tactic is extremely popular in the anxious-flyer community because no distractions are needed. If you plan your flight at a time where you are usually fast asleep, chances are your body will do the same on the plane. The flight goes by faster and you’ll likely miss out on any turbulence or annoying chatter. Before you know it, you’ve woken up safely at your destination having faced your fears, and can walk off the plane feeling refreshed. Best of all, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something. Take that, anxiety!

Safe Travels!


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