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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

Whether it’s a rare disease, allergy or if you need surgery, The Balancing Act explores a variety of health topics to raise awareness and help those in need. Find out more about the rare hormonal disorder called Cushing’s Syndrome and the future of clinical trials. We’ll hear from one brave woman who is not only fighting the disease but also making strides as she raises awareness and helps other who are also suffering. Also on the show, Michele Cassalia with Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, arm you with knowledge on potentially dangerous food allergies, their triggers and how to manage them. Lastly, tune in and learn why doctors are performing surgeries in Puerto Rico that are more than just cosmetic. Dr. Luis Almodovar, a Neurosurgical Oncologist and Cardiologist — Dr. Hilton Franqui Rivera both from San Juan, Puerto Rico, join us to tell us why you should consider having your surgery done on the all-star island of Puerto Rico.Find out how yoru sense of smell can fix your car! Don’t miss it!

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Caregiving: Challenges and Rewards for Family Members

Jody Gastfriend, Vice President of Senior Care Services at, talks about helping families make informed decisions about finding quality care for loved ones.

The experts at Wella Professionals are here to provide our viewers with the perfect hair colors and styles to complement their unique looks.