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Demand Cures Now

Article: The Gateway For Cancer Research
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Why Is It Taking So Long?

Almost everyone has a close family member or friend who has been diagnosed with cancer... One in two men and women will get some form of cancer in their lifetimes; and about 1500 die each day from the disease.Join us for our series "Fighting Cancer Now"-features Lynette Bisconti, President of The Gateway for Cancer Research-and a cancer survivor herself. She explains why today's cancer research must focus on getting the latest treatments and drugs to the patient's bedside as quickly as possible-and why clinical trials are so important to the process.

Demand Cures Now

Do you know someone who has battled cancer? The answer is probably yes.

Cancer touches the lives of too many people. We all know a loved one, a neighbor, co-worker or friend who has battled this dreadful disease. Some are able to beat it and live full lives, but unfortunately, many - 1500 every day - lose their battle.

Through it all, each and every person endures pain and suffering, anxiety and frustration. More questions are asked than answered. As most people do, The Gateway for Cancer ResearchSM asks "Why is it taking so long to cure cancer?"

With the statistics that 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime, The Gateway for Cancer Research, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding promising cancer research, is becoming part of the solution by demanding cures now.

On behalf of the millions living with the disease, The Gateway for Cancer Research is working to change how research is done and to bring treatment innovations from the lab to patients' bedsides more quickly, so more people can feel better, live longer and be cured.

To help fund innovative clinical trials, The Gateway and other cancer charities depend on donations from many sources, including people like you. The Gateway advises that before making a donation to any cancer charity it is important to investigate the charity by visiting their website to see what percentage of their donations goes to fund research. Then check out the type of research they fund and consider the following:

? 1,500 die every day from cancer.
? After more than $200 billion has been spent by the cancer industry, we still don't have the treatments we need to conquer this devastating disease.
? Some of the largest and most recognized charities put only a small percentage of funds raised toward cancer research - as little as 15-30%.
? It's time to get demanding and be a part of the solution by supporting charities whose money goes to results-oriented research now and human clinical trials that offer real options for today's cancer patients.
? The Gateway for Cancer Reseach is unique among cancer charities in that 99 cents of every dollar goes directly to cancer research thanks to generous underwriting by Cancer Treatment Centers of America®.
? The Gateway funds promising treatment innovations that aim to improve and save the lives of people battling cancer today, not decades from now.

Armed with the knowledge of how you can make a difference in the fight against cancer by supporting the right kind of charity, you become part of the solution too.

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