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Tropical Staycation

Article: API Fishcare
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Beautiful Aquarium & Relaxation Made Easy

Matt Hickerson, an aquarium and aquatics expert talks about the ease and simplicity of acquiring, setting-up, and maintaining some of today's leading home aquarium fish tanks and systems. Everything from fish to fish food to filters. See first-hand how this beautiful, educational and relaxing hobby is making a difference in people's quality of living. Americans from 8 to 80 are enjoying home aquariums like never before.

Tropical Staycation

How would you like to enjoy a beautiful tropical experience without ever leaving your home? What if you could bring enjoyment and relaxation to every family member, from children to grandparents, with a living colorful addition to your home environment?

You can - by recreating a slice of the relaxing tropical atmosphere you are imaging with the addition of a home aquarium.

It's easier than ever to get started on this fun and growing hobby with Mars Fishcare. Gone are the days when keeping a couple of goldfish in a small bowl seemed like too much work. The new aquariums of today offer a wide variety of design choices, from smaller and sleeker contemporary tanks to the larger more sophisticated aquariums.

API, the leading manufacturer of aquarium products, can make it effortless to start and maintain an aquarium in a home setting with their products and services, and ensure that consumers are successful with their aquariums.

Aquarium set-up and shopping for the necessary items is made easy with one-stop-shopping for API products at Petco stores, where their knowledgeable staff can steer you in the right direction - there you'll find all the right equipment as well as ornamental decorative elements and beautiful live fish in order to establish your picturesque aquarium as part of your home d├ęcor.

Here's why you should consider getting started and how Mars Fishcare can help:

? 1-800 helpline offers educational support on everything from fish nutrition to equipment set-up
? On-line social media available
? Offers API products that are simple and easy to use: Stress Coat, Quick Start and the Nexx Filter allow for proper acclimation for fish
? Offers maintenance programs that are easy to follow

Make a difference in your quality of life with a fun, inexpensive source of tropical relaxation - right in your own home!

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