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Global Graduates

Article: People To People Ambassadors Programs
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Cultural Intelligence

Dan Domenech and Angela McRae , both educators, are actively preparing our students for a more competitive worldwide marketplace. Cultural awareness is important to the future careers of many young people, and having first person experience in cross cultural environments fast tracks your success. The People to People Student Ambassador Programs provide a structured and authentic educational experience to ensure that your children are college ready.

Global Graduates

In this 21st Century globalized world where information can be transmitted between countries on different continents in mere seconds, students are well aware that their world is getting smaller yet more expansive than their parents' world from a generation ago.

As they look ahead to their futures, students understand they need the best competitive edge possible to set themselves up for success in college, and in the business world - and parents understand their children will eventually be competing with students not only in the U.S. but in the international marketplace as well.

How do parents prepare their teens to be college and career-ready as global citizens?

One program with proven results for success in education and in the career marketplace, is the People to People Student Ambassador Program.

The People to People Student Ambassador Program is the country's most recognized educational travel provider for 5th-12th grade students; the program spans 7 continents, 40 countries and 136 cities. People to People Ambassador Programs provides a rich blend of cultural, educational and personal development that gives students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to broaden their world.

For parents, People to People Student Ambassador Program can:

? Teach responsibility, independent thinking and time management skills
? Provide a structured, safe and authentic educational experience
? Expands horizons beyond own backyard or even U.S.
? Learn to make decisions away from parents
? Ensure your child has cross-cultural travel experience for college competitiveness

... and offers students the opportunity to:

? Travel abroad and be surrounded by history and people of place studied in school
? Represent their country as a global ambassador
? Gain experience interacting with people in another country
? Come back with clearer visions of what they want to study or what career path they will consider
? Become valuable contributor to classroom discussions

Fast track your child's success and consider the People to People Ambassador Program which has a proven track record of placing students in the college or university of their choice, and becoming successful career professionals.

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