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Cell Phones Used For Educational Purposes!

Article: Qualcomm
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Project K-Nect School Program - Technology In The Classroom

Shawn Covell from Qualcomm visits The Balancing Act studios to talk about how mobile devices are changing the way we approach education in the classroom.

Cell Phones Used For Educational Purposes!

Three out of four American teens between the ages of 12-17 now have their own cell phone - a powerful hand-held device that could be harnessed for educational purposes! Qualcomm Incorporated has recognized this possibility and started to research the effectiveness of mobile phone use for student collaboration. As part of an initiative called "Project K-Nect," they have distributed smart phones to students and teachers in North Carolina to test the effectiveness of connectivity on learning.

Students who solve an Algebra problem are encouraged to make a short video describing how they accomplished the task, so that other kids can watch and learn. Assignments are often submitted via instant message, and teachers are able to connect with students outside of the classroom. Homework is no longer an isolated task as kids interact freely, sharing knowledge and learning by teaching.

After two years, the results have been incredibly positive, with proficiency rates up 30% in classes that use the new technology! The program has been especially helpful for kids who are struggling with the material, since it pushes them to succeed and gives them a new, innovative medium to work with. The United States Department of Defense has even decided to grant funds to one particular school district in order to expand the program to all of their Algebra students.

K-Nect is part of a larger initiative that Qualcomm has executed globally since 2006 called Wireless Reach?, aimed at bringing connectivity to underserved communities all over the world. To find out more about the program, go to

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