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The Hottest New Way To Shop!

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A Hot New Way To Score Great Deals Online

In this segment, we speak with Lindsay Zilai from She explains one of the Web's hottest new secrets - entertainment shopping. It's a fun way to score incredible deals on electronics, house wares, vacations and more.

The Hottest New Way To Shop!

Online shopping just got a lot more exciting with "penny auctions" from Using a concept called "Entertainment Shopping," the website blends the thrill of auction bidding with the chance for incredible savings up to 99% off retail prices! It's all made possible through the innovative concept of advance bid purchasing.

Customers buy bids for as little as 10¢ in various Bid Pack sizes that include hundreds or even thousands of opportunities to snatch up valuable merchandise. They are then free to bid on any of the trendy, name-brand products on the website, including electronics and computers, Cruise packages, home & garden items, and more. Each time a bid is made the total auction price rises by only 1¢, and the last person to bid wins!

This highly entertaining new shopping strategy is currently saving buyers an average of 85% and is catching on like wildfire. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing internet concepts, with leading the way with the least expensive bids in the industry! If you are tired of old-fashioned auction sites like eBay, you will appreciate the excitement and strategy of a more entertaining shopping experience.

Side effects of Entertainment Shopping include rapid heart beat, goose bumps, and a fantastic rush of adrenaline when you make the final bid on an item worth 10 times more than the auction price! Can you handle it? There's only one way to find out! Log on and get your feet wet with a Beginner Auction. Then move up to a Classic Auction, or if you really think you're savvy, try out one of the explosive Fast Auctions where bids are instantly multiplied 3 or 6 times.

The hottest new way to shop is also the most entertaining, and you can be a part of it today by visiting

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