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Everyone's Spreading This 'Grape' News!

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Crunches Like An Apple Tastes Like A Grape

Our kids still aren't eating enough fruit. Grapple Brand Flavored Apples combine the crunch of the delicious Washington apples with the sweet flavor of concord grapes resulting in an irresistibly healthy snack

Everyone's Spreading This 'Grape' News!

Moms are often in a quandary when they try to provide a snack that kids will love yet is still packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals. The Balancing Act has found the answer: GrappleĀ® brand flavored apples.

Everyone from our nation's top politicians to health care industry professionals has been raising awareness about the problem of childhood obesity. The Balancing Act wanted to help but also understands the challenges for busy moms and dads. The kids come home from school or a sports event and are craving a snack before dinner. Plus they need a little something extra to go along with the sandwich in their lunchbox.

For a healthy snack that kids (and adults!) will enjoy, tune in to learn about an apple with added appeal: Grapple! (Pronounced grape-ul.)

According to guest Todd Snyder getting children to eat more apple was the inspiration for bathing fresh Washington apples in the flavor of concord grapes. The result is a surprising snack that looks like an apple but tastes like a grape.

Some facts from the Grapple team:

? Kids eat too many sweets & processed snack foods
? Apples are loaded w/ vitamins and minerals + they are a good source of fiber

Grapples have all the nutrition of the apple:

? Vitamins & minerals
? Fiber
... With no added sugar or calories, just the sweet taste of concord grape.

They're sold in packages of four and are available in the fruit section of many popular retail grocery stores. For a store locator and more information visit

Newsletter article: Everyone's Spreading This 'Grape' News!