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Yes, today’s average American wedding costs about $30,000.  And yes, it’s important to save on your wedding budget wherever possible.  But if your goal is “happily ever after”… remember Rule #1.  What’s Rule #1?  Here it is:  When it comes to the wedding invitations, say “I Don’t!”  That is… do NOT do the wedding invitations yourself!  You’ll end up spending a whole lot more money and a whole lot more time – and as you know all too well, time IS money.  What are today’s smart brides-to-be doing?  They’re turning to The American Wedding.  For more than 40 years, The American Wedding has been making wedding stationery dreams come true one event at a time.  Choose every detail of your wedding stationery design, see paper finish and calligraphy samples, and have your hand held every step of the way.  That’s right – every bride gets their very own Invitation Specialist who can make the process fun, enjoyable and well worth it.

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