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Jump on the Creativity Express

Art Education is sadly not a priority in our country’s school system, yet it is essential for a child’s academic success. How can a parent bring art into their child’s life if it is not in the curriculum? How can teachers battling budget cuts use art to engage and educate?

The answer is a polar bear named Furnace, and two penguins named Ruby and Tickles. Welcome to MadCap Logic’s Creativity Express.

Created by animation heavy weights from Disney and Dreamworks, Madcap Logic brings a renaissance to art education, drawing from some of the most revered forward-thinking educational model and making ground-breaking, innovative use of today’s’ technology for this “digital generation”

• Creativity Express teaches visual literacy skills through art education.

• Art education enhances cognitive skills.

• The arts focus on enjoyment of the process, not only the product, and this develops self-directed, creative thinking.

• Using art in education improves student performance in cross-curricular areas.

In a time when budgetary cutbacks are impacting the visual arts programs in schools, Creativity Express offers a reasonably priced outlet for parents, schools, after-school and home school programs, addressing this vital educational need.

You may think “I’m not artistic so how could I advance my child’s art education?” Creativity Express makes it simple.

• You don’t need an art education to use Creativity Express.
• No stress: our animated Art Guides – Tickles, Furnace and Ruby - do your job.
• Creativity Express is customizable to work at any pace.
• Creativity Express curriculum is designed with children in mind.
• All materials are age-appropriate for children with no offensive images.

Some people don’t think art education is important to many career opportunities, however as it turns out you need to learn art and creativity to be a graphic designer, animator, scientist, web designer, architect, photographer, and really anything computer-oriented.

Give your children the beauty of an education in art they can take with them throughout their life!

See all the wonders of MadCap Logic’s Creativity Express featured on the on The Balancing Act® November 13th and 20th at 7am (ET/PT) highlighting the Balance Your Life Tour™ where The Balancing Act® on Lifetime TV hits the road and travels across the country as part of the Southern Women’s Show.

Check out their website at www.madcaplogic.com.